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Office Catering

  • For offices and enterprises (up to 500 employees)

  • Every week different menu will be provided

  • Each employee can choose their menu in advance and will receive foods with their name on it. 

  • The company make pre deposit weekly / monthly basis.

  • Hassle free and reasonable prices for all the business models.

  • Various payment models will be provided (COD , Credit / Debit card are accepted)

Weekly Menus

Every colleagues can pick up their own menu for their lunch, we will make sure will be delivered safely and in time for their lunchtime.

A dedicated driver makes direct delivery safe and easy

One of our driver will assign to you. We will make sure that the driver will directly come to your office and complete the delivery in preferred time each day.

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No hassle program for your office's food program manager

Your food program manager deserves to enjoy lunchtime too! With Homiecleanfood Office Lunch Delivery, Homiecleanfood's customer service team handles all user questions. Now the only lunch preferences your manager needs to track are their own, because each individual is responsible for ordering for themselves.

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          How it Works?

  • Company makes pre deposit deductible for their employees.

  • Once deposit have made delivery schedule will be set.

  • Each employees can choose and order through our line official @homicleanfood, all the orders will be collected and delivered with employees name on their foods with preferred time in a week.

  • The foods will be delivered hot just before lunch time.

  • Everybody enjoys their foods. 

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